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Von Krahl Theater

Director, choreographer, performer, composer/sound designer, set design



16 Solos

Scenography Consultant                        KAIRI MANDLA

Lighting Design                DENIS BRETIKO (DElight OU)

Stage Manager                     ANA SANCHEZ-COLBERG

There is a multitude of influences, research topics, inspirations, and themes that have flowed to and from in the creating of this work.

Yet, what we’re left with is a piece of theatre that shows almost none of them explicitly, but has their souls living inside of it.


Much like myself in this creative process, and much like Oedipus - the original motherf*cker – the less you know, the better.


“Do not take them away from me.”

Oedipus’ final words to Creon.

The Less You Know, the Better

Photos by Alan Proosa

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